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Company Profile

Ahuja Bulbs Pvt. Ltd. is a widely recognized and established name in the Bulb industry worldwide for the supply of Gls, Gls Coloured, Night, Candle, Pigmy Bulbs. Started by a young and ambitious individual with a vision to contribute to the industrial and economic map of India, Ahuja Bulbs in today's resurgent India dates back to its foundations 1˝decades back. Foresight, diligence, self-innovations and focus on Customer Needs have helped us to flourish into a deep-rooted industry.

"Our vision of business is an ENDLESS STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE to be the BEST IN CLASS."

Ahuja Bulbs Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufactures in global lighting market, a position supported by leadership in innovation combined with a systematic approach to seeking out new market opportunities. Its strategic ambition is to set the pace in the lighting industry as the first-choice innovation partner for the supply of creative and cost-effective light solutions.

Our Capabilities

Over the years, Ahuja Bulbs has built up a commendable infrastructure and an investment in know-how, equipment and skilled manpower. We believe that our biggest asset is our skilled and highly trained work force, dedicated to tread the path to reach the summit of ’BEST IN CLASS’. With the diversified manufacturing activities in various divisions and a dealer network throughout the world, Ahuja Bulbs possesses the infrastructure to cater to the Needs of the Customers even in the remotest corners of the world.

These machines produce millions of Bulbs of different types, for gls, gls coloured, night, candle, pigmy & for incandescent domestic lamps, fluorescent tube lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, automobile lamps, miniature lamps, high wattage lamps, high-intensity-discharge lamps, neon sign lamps, glow testers, starter lamp etc . . . .

Our manufacturing capacities are continuously increasing to meet the demands of our present and new customers.

Quality Assurance / Research & Development

For ensuring the highest quality, Ahuja has installed sophisticated Test Systems backed by an excellent Inspection Procedure from raw material to finished products.

New materials and technologies are being continuously developed at Ahuja so that our customers can make world class products and compete globally. Ahuja has fully equipped in-house laboratories for testing and development of new materials and a very strong team of dedicated engineers to accomplish this goal.

The Philosophy of our organization is reflected in our Quality Policy :

"The Sole purpose of our Business is to satisfy the needs of our customers and to DELIGHT him beyond his expectations by supplying world class quality products consistently."

Each employee commits himself to work in a team and enrich the values of quality and dedicates himself for continuous improvement to:




Our vision of business is an ENDLESS STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE to be the BEST IN CLASS.

Contact Information

Contact Persons:

  • Dinesh Ahuja
  • Address:

    M/s Ahuja Bulbs Pvt. Ltd.
    123/377, Fazal Ganj, Iddl. Estate,
    Kanpur- 208012 (Uttar Pradesh) INDIA.

    Contact Us At:

    +91 (512) 2213737
    +91 (512) 2213939
    +91 (512) 2298298
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